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  • iconJune 12, 2023
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Bhaasuram Global Trades is a leading Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) distributor based in Kerala. They faced several challenges in their distribution processes, including order and inventory management, as well as expense tracking. To address these challenges and improve efficiency across their operations, they decided to adopt Infabook, a comprehensive distribution management software. This case study explores how Infabook revolutionized Bhaasuram Global Trades' operations and achieved remarkable results.

Problems Faced by the Business

  • Lack of centralized view of the business:
    • Unable to manage different aspects of the business effectively
    • Difficult to get a clear picture of inventory levels across different warehouses
    • Inefficiencies in the distribution process
    • Some warehouses being overstocked while others run out of products
    • Increased costs and decreased customer satisfaction
  • Use of multiple software for different business activities:
    • Added complexity to operations
    • Difficult to manage different aspects of the business effectively
    • Steep learning curve for new employees
    • Difficulty in hiring new employees and scaling up operations
  • Software used is not designed to meet specific needs of the business:
    • Low productivity
    • Difficulty achieving full potential
    • Difficulty managing orders, sales invoices, purchases, and expenses effectively
  • Difficulty competing effectively in the market:
    • Unable to achieve full potential
    • Unable to keep up with competition
  • Need for a more streamlined approach to operations to succeed in the long term.

Infabook Implementation: Streamlining Processes

Recognizing the need for digital transformation, Bhaasuram Global Trades decided to implement Infabook, a cutting-edge distribution management software. The Infabook product team worked closely with Bhaasuram Global Trades to understand their specific requirements and tailor the application to meet their needs.


  1. We need software that can manage orders, sales invoices, purchases, and expenses.
  2. The software should be user-friendly and easy to use.
  3. The dashboard should display stats that can help the admin evaluate the business's performance.
  4. The software should support multi-pricing for products.
  5. Customer stats, such as due and advance payments, should be readily available.
  6. It should be possible to update multiple payments simultaneously.
  7. We should be able to raise e-way bill from the application.
  8. Ability to track incentives for the sales user
  9. Ability to manage and run promotions

Training and Onboarding

As part of the Infabook implementation process, Bhaasuram Global Trades' sales team and account team underwent thorough training sessions conducted by the Infabook team. The goal of these training sessions was to ensure a smooth transition from their previous software to Infabook.

The sales team received training on how to use the mobile application for customer creation, sales return, and payment collection. On the other hand, the account team was trained on how to use the web application for tracking sales and processing orders.

The comprehensive training sessions were designed to familiarize the teams with Infabook's features and functionality. The Infabook team ensured that the software was user-friendly and easy to use. They provided detailed instructions on how to use the software and answered any questions that the team members had. This helped to build confidence among the team members and made the transition to Infabook smoother.

Results and Benefits of Infabook Implementation

The implementation of Infabook brought significant improvements to Bhaasuram Global Trades' operations, enhancing efficiency and customer service. Let's explore the notable benefits they experienced:

  • Resulted in an overall 8% increase in sales revenue. This increase can be attributed to the streamlined processes and improved performance tracking.
  • Reduced order processing time by 30%. The automation of order taking and invoice generation saved time and decreased errors.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by 40%. The mobile application allowed sales representatives to provide a more personalized experience to the customers.
  • Reduced software expenditure by 25%. Infabook replaced multiple software programs, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency.


By embracing Infabook, Bhaasuram Global Trades successfully transformed their operations, saving time, improving efficiency, and enhancing customer service. The company's growth and customer satisfaction have improved significantly, and they are now well-positioned to achieve their long-term goals.